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How to Cook Tasty Sous Vide London Broil Recipe At Home | Suvi

How to Cook Tasty Sous Vide London Broil Recipe At Home | Suvi - SUVI COOKING

Giving tough competition to traditional continental dishes, Sous Vide London Broil Recipe is one of the many Britain's favorite meals. People of the United Kingdom have created London broils to enjoy meat in their unique way.

The best way to make London broils at home is by using the sous vide technique. Sous vide London broil makes a perfect dinner menu like all other sous vide recipes that are always easier to cook and packed with delicious flavors.

So, let's see how you can prepare this mouthwatering Sous Vide London Broil Recipe at home. The recipe is very simple, easy to cook, and doesn't need any special ingredients.

What is Sous Vide London Broil?

Learning how to cook sous vide london broil at home is easy if you know what you're dealing with. To cook tasty foods, you must have sound knowledge about it so you're less likely to mess up the recipe.

Talking about sous vide london broil recipe, it's nothing rare but a cheap piece of meat that's not easy to cook. Unlike the clean-cut chicken breast or chicken wings, London broil meat is mostly round or flank shaped. It is tough and not very easy to cook. However the meat is sold at a cheaper cost as compared to clean-cut meat. Therefore, people often buy it at inexpensive rates to cook tasty sous vide meat steaks.

Why Cook Sous Vide London Broil?

Sous vide cooking technique is an efficient cooking method that lets you cook food in a temperature-controlled environment.

You can cook all types of meat using this traditional sous vide technique and prepare any dish with absolute perfection. For making a delicious restaurant-style steak at home, you must closely monitor the sous vide london broil time and temperature. You'd also need to marinate your steak for a few hours to moisten the meat and make it tender.

The sous vide method gives you full control over the heat. If not for the sous vide London broil temperature, cooking a steak with such flank pieces of meat can be a disaster bound to happen.

List of Ingredients

Here's a list of ingredients you'll need to prepare tasty Sous Vide London Broil steak at home.

1. London Broil Meat Cut

London Broil Meat Cut

London broil meat cut is quite inexpensive as compared to other meat pieces. It's either a round piece of meat or flank shaped. You can get it from your local butcher shop at cheap rates and cook sous vide london broil steak at home.

You'll need at least 2 to 3 lbs of round or flank steak meat for cooking Sous Vide London Broil Recipe.

2. Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper

Next, you'll need the traditional most-needed spices; salt and pepper. A few spoonfuls of both will do just fine. But make sure you're using kosher salt and finely grounded fresh black pepper powder only to bring true flavors.

3. Fresh Lemon Slices

Fresh Lemon Slices

For adding a citrus touch to your homemade steak dish, you'll need a freshly cut lemon into thin slices. If you don't have it at home, you can also use 1 to 2 spoonfuls of lime juice or lemon extracts.

4. Dijon Mustard

Dijon Mustard

Next, you'll need a few spoonfuls of Dijon mustard. It adds a great saucy smooth touch to your homemade sous vide london broil steak. When adding dijon mustard, make sure to taste it. It is usually sour in taste so don't add too much or adjust the saltiness by reducing the amount of salt.

5. Dijon Soy Glaze

Dijon Soy Glaze

The dijon mustard can also be used to prepare a tasty dijon soy glaze to pair with your sous vide london broil recipe. You'll need to mix Dijon mustard and soy sauce in a small bowl to form a thin paste-like glaze.

Basic Tools You Need To Cook Sous Vide London Broil

For cooking sous vide london broil recipe for dinner, you must have the following set kitchen tools available in your home kitchen.

  • Sous Vide pot of 12-quartz size.
  • Kitchen Thermometer or Immersion calculator
  • Vacuum-sealed ziploc bags
  • Vacuum Sealer
  • Few small mixing bowls
  • Saucepan
  • Cast iron skillet
  • Sharp kitchen knives
  • Pair of kitchen tongs
  • Spoons and forks
  • Serving dishes

Cooking Temperature

 Cooking Temperature

When cooking tasty london broil recipe at home, it's important that you get the sous vide london broil temperature right.

Here's a chart to help you navigate your sous vide london broil time and temperature settings.

S. No. Preferred Steak Tenderness Temperature Details
1 Rare 130 to 132°F (54°C)
2 Medium Rare 133 to 135°F (57°C)
3 Medium 142 to 145°F (63°C)

Normally, your steak cooks fine at 132°F and that's exactly how most people would love eating their Sous Vide London Broil steak.

How to Cook Sous Vide London Broil Recipe at Home— Stepwise Cooking Guide:

For making inexpensive but tasty sous vide london broil steak at home, check out our easy cooking guide given below and carefully follow the recipe step-by-step!

Step#1: Preheat the Sous vide Pot

Preheat the Sous vide Pot

We'll start by preheating our sous vide pot filled with water on medium to high heat. It'll help create a nice water-bath for cooking sous vide london broil steak. You need to hear the water at 132°F degrees to make it ready.

Step#2: Season the Sous Vide London Broil

Season the Sous Vide London Broil

Now, take out your London broil meat and start prepping it for cooking. Wash it with clean water and pat it dry before rubbing salt and pepper into it. Rub at least a teaspoon of dry seasoning on each side of the meat and let it get absorbed for about 30 to 90 minutes.

Step#3: Prepare the Complimentary Sauce

Prepare the Complimentary Sauce

Meanwhile, the meat sits at room temperature, you can cook your complimentary Dijon mustard sauce. Combine dijon mustard and soy sauce in equal quantities into a small mixing bowl.

Step#4: Time to Cook Sous Vide London Broil Recipe

Time to Cook Sous Vide London Broil Recipe

Place the meat inside the ziploc bag and pour the tasty dijon soy sauce over the beef. Now seal the bag using a vacuum sealer. Place it inside the heated water bath and let it cook for around 6 to 7 hours.

Step#5: Dish out your Sous Vide London Broil Steak!

Dish out your Sous Vide London Broil Steak!

After your steak is done, open the bag and pour out the remaining sauce in a small saucepan. Bring it to a light simmer for thickening the glaze.

Using the cast iron skillet, sear your tender meat to add some texture and color. Cut it into pieces and serve with tasty dijon soy glaze.

Serving the Sous Vide London Broil Steak with Tasty Marinades!

For elevating your sous vide london broil recipe, you can also try it out with different mouth-watering marinades. Try out the salmon sous vide recipe as well if you are in the mood to eat a homemade seafood meal.

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