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Easy to prepare Sous Vide Chicken Breast Recipe

Easy to prepare Sous Vide Chicken Breast Recipe - SUVI COOKING

Have you tried the tasty Sous Vide Chicken Breast Recipe yet? If not, you're missing out on a lot! 

Sous vide boneless chicken breast is undeniably the most delicious chicken dish to try at home. You get to enjoy a nice tender chicken dinner full of juicy flavours.

Plus, we have a simple yet perfect seasoning blend that can uplift your chicken to an unmatched level of deliciousness. Once you get a taste, you can never get enough of the flavours.

Here's our take on preparing tasty sous vide chicken breast at home!

Why should you try Sous Vide Chicken Breast Recipe?

Wanna know a secret tip on how you can elevate your Sous Vide Chicken Breast Recipes? The secret lies in proper temperature control.

Chicken breast dishes are usually dehydrated with a rough texture. Why? Because the chicken breast is a very delicate meat cut. It needs precise cooking to get maximum flavour out of the meat while keeping its integrity.

Overcooked and undercooked both quickly destroy your chicken breast resulting in a waste of food. Not to mention the time you have spent cooking.

So, why not take control of the cooking temperature? Sous Vide Chicken Breast Recipe lets you have complete control over the heat.

Using a pressure cooker technique, you can closely monitor the cooking temperature.

Note: Ideally, the temperature should not exceed 64°C, or your chicken breast will be dried due to overcooking.

List of Ingredients

For making flavourful sous vide chicken breast, you'll need a particular set of ingredients.

Here is the list of all ingredients you will need to prepare tasty restaurant-style chicken breast at home.

● Boneless Chicken Breast Cut

First, you'll need two or more boneless chicken breast cuts. Make sure the chicken breast fillet is thoroughly cleaned. Wash it with water and let it get dry. Roll it over with a rolling pin to make it even from all sides. To get the best outcome, your chicken breast should be levelled to perfection.

● Salt and Pepper

Not an understatement, but no dish is completed without adding a mix of salt and pepper. Here you'll need the good old Kosher's sea salt and some black pepper powder. You can quickly get it from your nearest local store. Make sure to use freshly ground pepper powder. It can accentuate the taste of your chicken breast.

● Home Cooking Oil

When preparing your chicken breast for seasoning, you'll need to lightly dab it with quality cooking oil. This helps to make it more sticky so that the seasoning layer stays firmly on top. You can use any available home cooking oil, like sunflower, olive, or canola oil.

● Rosemary or Thyme leaves

For garnishing your sous vide boneless chicken breast, you'll need 4 sprigs of rosemary or thyme leaves. These ingredients are not too rare but important to elevate your dish. When mixed in the right ratio with other spices, it helps to create a perfect dry seasoning blend to add maximum flavour to your juicy chicken breast.

Basic Tools You Need to Sous Vide Chicken Breast at Home

For applying the sous vide technique to cook your chicken breast, you must have such kitchen equipment that can effectively regulate temperature. Other than that, your usual set of kitchen utensils will do just fine while carrying out the dish preparations.

You will need the following tools to sous vide chicken breast at home.

  • Sous Vide 
  • Zipper lock bags or Vacuum seal bags
  • Small sized bowls
  • Kitchen thermometer or a Temperature Probe
  • Sharp knife
  • Kitchen tongs
  • Dishes
  • Forks and spoons.
  • Cooking pan or grill

5-Step Guide to Sous Vide Boneless Chicken Breast at Home

Follow our easy 4-step cooking guide to prepare the best sous vide chicken breast dinner at home.

Step#1: Preheat the Sous Vide Cooker

First things first, let's preheat the pressure cooker that we need to sous vide our boneless chicken breast. It must be hot and ready when we put our chicken breast inside. Create a boiling water bath by setting the temperature to medium-high.

Here's a quick go-to chart to navigate your way around the temperature settings of your sous vide cooker.

Meat Texture

Ideal Heating Degrees

Cooking Duration Range

Best Served

Very soft and juicy

140°F or 60°C

1 or 1/2 to 4 hours

When it's hot.

Tender, juicy, and slightly stringy.

150°F or 66°C

1 to 4 hours

With chicken salad when it's served cold.

Traditionally cooked, juicy, firm, and slightly stringy.

160°F or 71°C

1 to 4 hours

When it's hot.

Step#2: Prep your Chicken Breast

After washing the chicken breast thoroughly with water, dab it lightly with paper towels. This helps to make it dry before you start seasoning. Flatten your chicken breast with a roller pin and brush it off lightly with cooking oil.

Step#3: Season your Chicken Breast

Sprinkle your chicken breast nicely with salt and pepper. Be generous with the seasoning to bring maximum flavour to your dish. You can also use your hand to rub the salt and pepper spice onto the chicken breast.

Step#4: Seal Your Chicken Breast

Now, it's time to seal your chicken breast tightly in a vacuum-seal or a zipper-lock bag. Ensure your chicken breast is thoroughly dried before sealing it inside the bag. Sprinkle it over with some rosemary or thyme sprigs for an aromatic taste. Seal the bag and place it inside the cooker at a suitable temperature.

Step#5: Cooking Sous Vide Chicken Breast

Take out your chicken breast from the sous vide cooker after a dedicated time. Dish it on a plate and carefully pat your chicken dry using a paper towel. Pour a spoonful of cooking oil into the cast-iron skillet and turn the heat to a shimmering medium-high. Fry your chicken breast thoroughly from each side until a golden brown colour appears. Turn the heat off and dish out your sous vide chicken breast onto a plate. Let it rest before you garnish it with your favourite sides.

Time to Serve!

Sous vide chicken breast recipe is the best way to enjoy unparalleled juicy chicken at home. Full of flavours, juiciness, and a mouthwatering aroma, you won't be able to stop your hands.

Serve the chicken breast hot with mashed potatoes and dimly fried veggies to make it more appealing for your dear ones.

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