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Enjoy the Sous Vide Turkey Breast Recipe on Thanksgiving | Suvi.

Enjoy the Sous Vide Turkey Breast Recipe on Thanksgiving | Suvi. - SUVI COOKING

Bored of eating the same old roasted turkey dinner on every Thanksgiving? Let's cook the turkey using a unique sous vide method this year. Enjoy your delicious Sous Vide Turkey Breast with flavourful gravy and complimentary sides.

With the help of sous vide turkey breast recipe, you can cook your turkey dinner to perfection. The sous vide technique gives you full control over the temperatures so you can easily save your turkey from overcooking or burning. Cook your sous vide turkey breast bone in or boneless. The method works for every type of meat. 

Let's see how you can cook sous vide turkey breast at home on Thanksgiving.

Turkey Sous Vide

List of Ingredients 

When cooking sous vide turkey breast, you don't need any rare ingredients or a hyped up pantry. Only the very basic routine kitchen ingredients that you use daily will do just fine. 

Here's the list of ingredients that you'll need to make a flavourful sous vide turkey breast at home. 

  • Boneless Turkey Breast 

First things first, we'll start with choosing the best quality turkey breast. You can either buy a whole turkey and carve out the breast meat from it. Or, you can go to any local butcher store and buy 5 lbs of turkey breast. That's roughly about 2 kilograms of fresh turkey breast. Make sure to ask for boneless turkey breast so you'll get clean-cut breast filets.

Turkey Sous Vide

  • Kosher Salt 

For making your turkey edible, salt is a must-have ingredient. Adding a little kosher salt to your turkey will boost its flavours and elevate your turkey dish. Don't forget that you need to use Kosher Salt and not the natural salt. Kosher salt is the sea salt that is much saltier (acidic) in taste. It helps to cut the turkey's natural stench and really penetrates deep into the breast meat.

Turkey Sous Vide

  • Freshly Ground Pepper 

Next, you'll need a spoonful of freshly ground black pepper. It is an essential ingredient to give some taste dimension to the rather neutral turkey meat. Make no mistake that the black pepper powder should be fresh. You can buy some peppers and grind them in a grinder to get freshly-crushed pepper powder. Store it in a jar and use it whenever you want to give your dish a spicy pepper touch.

Turkey Sous Vide

  • Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is an all-time favorite ingredient to add when you're cooking any type of meat. It acts as a seasoning binder or spice-binder that really dips the seasoning flavours deep into the breast meat. A little citrus juice can go a long way so 2 spoonfuls of lemon juice will do the trick. 

  • Butter or Cooking Oil

For keeping your turkey breast tender and moist, you'll need to use cooking oil spray or some butter. You can use any type of neutral home cooking oil for this part so that your turkey breast won't smell like the oil. Or, you can get a butter brush and coat the turkey with some tasty unsalted butter. 

Turkey Sous Vide

  • Rosemary or Thyme leaves 

For garnishing your sous vide boneless chicken breast, you'll need 4 sprigs of rosemary or thyme leaves. These ingredients are not too rare but important to elevate your dish. When mixed in the right ratio with other spices, it helps to create a perfect dry seasoning blend to add maximum flavour to your juicy chicken breast.

Turkey Sous Vide

Making the Complimentary Gravy!

Your Thanksgiving Turkey dinner is incomplete without a complimentary gravy. So when you're at it, you should also get the ingredients needed for making the gravy that compliments your sous vide turkey breast recipe. 

For making the complimentary gravy, you'll need:

  • 1 tablespoon of vegetable cooking oil
  • 1 large onion (squarely chopped)
  • 1 large carrot (nicely peeled and chopped)
  • 2 celery ribs (also chopped)
  • 1.4 liters of chicken stock (low on sodium)
  • 2 thin sticks of bay leaves
  • 1 teaspoon of soy sauce
  • 3 tablespoons of unsalted butter
  • 1 quarter cup of all-purpose flour

Basic Tools You Need to Sous Vide Turkey Breast at Home

When using the unique sous vide technique for cooking thanks-giving turkey dinner, you need special sous vide kitchen equipment. This means buying a ziplock bag and special cooker pot used for sous vide turkey breast.

Other than that, you'll need to have the following kitchen tools available at home for cooking sous vide turkey breast at home. 

  • Sous Vide Cooker Pot
  • Zip-lock /Vacuum-seal bags
  • Sous Vide binders.
  • Air Vacuum Sealer
  • Small mixing bowl
  • Kitchen thermometer
  • Sharp knives
  • Pair of Kitchen tongs
  • Dishes
  • Forks and spoons.

5-Step Easy Guide to Cook Sous Vide Turkey Breast at Home 

Follow the easy 5-step guide carefully when cooking delicious sous vide turkey breast recipe at home on Thanksgiving.

Step#1: Preheat the Sous Vide Cooker Pot

Place the sous vide cooker on low flames and preheat the pot. Pour water into the cooker pot and set the heating temperature to 145°F or 63°C. This will create a nice boiling water bath for cooking your sous vide turkey breast.

Step#2: Prep Your Turkey Breast

Wash the turkey breast and remove the bones if present. Let the skin remain intact so that your turkey breast wouldn't get too dry from overcooking. Dab the meat lightly with paper towels. Now, flatten the turkey breast using a roller pin to even out the meat thickness.

Step#3: Season Your Turkey Breast

Brush the turkey lightly with oil and butter before sprinkling it with kosher salt and crushed pepper powder. Add salt according to your taste. Make a few sharp cuts into the breast meat and drip a few spoonfuls of lemon juice to enhance the flavours.

Step#4: Seal Your Sous Vide Turkey Breast 

Next step is to seal your turkey breast into a large ziplock or vacuum-seal bag. Place the breast inside the bag with rosemary leaves while securing the bag into the pot using sous vide binder clips. Vacuum seal the bag to remove any air moisture. 

Step#5: Cooking Sous Vide Chicken Breast and Gravy

Immerse the vacuum-sealed bag completely into the water while you prepare the complimentary gravy.

Take a small bowl and mix all the dry powder ingredients together. Heat the pan on medium heat and pour vegetable oil into it. Saute the veggies until soft and chewy. 

Now, add unsalted butter into it, along with the dry powder ingredient mix. Pour down the sauces and add floor in small amounts while stirring the blend continuously. Let the blend become thick on low flames and your gravy is ready.Turkey Sous Vide 

Time to Serve!

Every Thanksgiving you get a chance to cook your turkey dinner. This year, try the delicious Sous Vide Turkey Breast Recipe. Don't forget to add tasty sides of mashed potatoes or ginger-garlic beans to your turkey. 

Serve your sous vide turkey breast with the complimentary gravy and enjoy your Thanksgiving! 

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