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Cook Mouth Watering Chipotle Pulled Chicken

Cook Mouth Watering Chipotle Pulled Chicken - SUVI COOKING

Ultimate Smoky and Spicy Filling

Chipotle Pulled Chicken can be consumed with various Meals such as Tacos, Nachos, Burrito or poke bowls, sliders, burgers and epic sandwiches.

The Suvi Sous Vide Cooker is designed to generate the perfect water bath with precise and constant temperatures for any meat or vegetable. Simply adjust the temperature and time with the press of a button and start cooking. We will show you how to make Sous vide Shredded Chicken only with a few ingredients and how to use the chicken to bring its best

In this blog post, we will be discovering a great method to prepare Chipotle Pulled Chicken using the Sous vide method where the favourite kitchen tool of most Australians is used.

How the Chipotle Pulled Chicken Recipe Works

  1. A skin-on, bone-in chicken breast maintains a juicy, shreddable texture while retaining plenty of flavor.
  2. It's important to cook the chicken at 145°F (63°C) using the best sous vide device before shredding and reheating to prevent it from becoming dry.
  3. Keeping the chipotle chiles until the end preserves their smoky flavour.

The Shopping list: Ingredients to Buy Before Cooking Chitpole Pulled Chicken

  • At the very first buy 4 chicken breasts as this is the main Ingredient of this recipe.
  • Bring 210g tin of finely chopped or crushed tomatoes which will help in adding a little sour taste and make the meal more flavourful( we have used Mutti Polpa finely chopped tomatoes)
  • Take 2 ½ tablespoons of chipotle in Abdol sauce in a separate bowl.
  • The 1-1 ½ teaspoons Mexican chilli powder you can easily find at your home.
  • Place 1 teaspoon of cumin at a place where all ingredients are collected.
  • Keep 1 teaspoon of ground coriander also with the spices.
  • Adding 1 teaspoon of honey will bring a little sweeter taste.
  • ½ teaspoon cracked pepper or pepper powder
  • Add ½ teaspoon salt or more you can add as per your taste bud's preferences.

Full Method to Prepare Chipotle Pulled Chicken

Chipotle Pulled Chicken

Step:- 1 Preheat your Sous vide water bath at 148o F. In a bowl cover the chicken in the tin with tomatoes, chipotle, chilli powder, cumin, coriander, honey, salt and pepper.

Step:-2 Now keep the chicken and all the sauce in your vacuum seal bag and seal it  properly using a vacuum sealer.

Step:-3 Allow chicken to marinate in the fridge for a minimum of 30 minutes, overnight for the best for flavour or whip up before you go to work in the morning for an easy dinner.

Step:-4 Set the SUVI Sous vide cooker at 64°C and when the water reaches temperature, lower the bag into the water. Cook for 1 hour 30 Minutes.

Step:-5 Once the time of cooker gets finished remove the bag from the water and allow the chicken to get back to the normal temperature for 10 minutes in the bag.

Step:- 6 Remove chicken and shred it with two forks. Coat chicken with the Chipotle Jus from the bag and you're ready to eat or serve to impress your guest.

Enjoy the flavourful Chiptole Pulled Chicken with Tacos, Nachos, Burrito or poke bowls, sliders, burgers and epic sandwiches!

Why use the Sous Vide technique to prepare Chipotle Pulled Chicken?

Mostly Sous Vide is used for Cooking perfect tender, steak and seafood so, you might be getting doubt over this that  why they are suggesting cooking the chicken through Sous Vide Technique.

The reason behind it is very simple you should try cooking chicken sous vide if you like juicy, delicious chicken rather than hard or dry chicken. Sous vide is an excellent technique of cooking if you want to meal prep and have leftovers since the chicken is not only soft when you first make it, but it is also tender as leftovers on day 2 and even day 3.

The Chicken is more tender and delicious than chicken cooked in a pressure cooker, roasting, or pan-frying because you don't lose all the spice to the water while cooking chicken sous vide, Chicken cooked sous vide at a steady temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit for a considerable amount of time is guaranteed to be fully cooked without drying out due to excessive heat.

The fact that there is not much cleaning after cooking chicken sous vide is one of other’s favourite aspects. The chicken breasts may be seasoned right in the container they arrive in and then added to your sous vide bags.

There are no pots or pans to wash since the chicken fluids and other ingredients stay in the bag. Cleaning up is simple—just give your big pot where the sous vide cooker is attached a quick rinse.

Additionally, you may prepare meals for the week while cooking a big amount of chicken. Just be careful to equally distribute the chicken in a sizable sous vide bag, or use many smaller ones, and cook it in a pot big enough to allow the water to circulate.

Another benefit is that, if you're cooking a lot of other items at the same time, you can attach the Sous Vide cooker to any large pot without taking up valuable hob space. Put it in place and walk away.

Because the chicken is cooked at a particular temperature, there is no way to overcook it. As a result, even if you are too busy to quickly turn the cooker off, your chicken will still turn out perfectly. Each and every time.


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