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Best Steak Marinade Recipe to Try At Home

Best Steak Marinade Recipe to Try At Home - SUVI COOKING

 Steak Marinade Recipes are always pretty hard to find. Everyone acts secretive when it comes to sharing their family's marinade recipes. You simply can't get your hands on a single good recipe that you can try at home.

The store-bought marinade dressings can be used to prepare steak at home. But the flavours don't even come close!

So, here we have the best steak marinade recipe that you can easily try at home. It's easy to follow, doesn't need rare ingredients, rich in delicious spices, and worth a try!

Trying Steak Marinade Recipe for The First Time!

All the steak fans out there must be familiar with the struggles of preparing a mouth-watering steak at home. Making steaks can be a little tricky because there's no way to taste them while cooking. The end taste depends on cooking the perfect steak marinade. 

The taste of the steak depends on what ingredients you choose for your steak marinade recipe. The secret is to choose only the fresh ingredients for making your steak marinade. So, you don't end up with a steak that tastes like garbage or has no taste at all.

mouth watering steak marinade recipes

A perfect blend of organic spices, mixed with natural herbs gives the absolute best flavours to the steak. With this steak marinade recipe, you get to enjoy the natural flavour of the steak.

Steak Marinade Recipe —Which Ingredients You Need?

The steak marinade that we're making today is full of natural flavour. It is prepared using a combination of dried herbs, lemon juice, olive oil, melted butter, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and some minced garlic. 

Each ingredient is crucial for giving the marinade its unique touch. Altogether, the ingredients make a perfect blend that gives you delicious steak flavours at home!

List of Ingredients with their Uses

best steak marinade recipes


Why It's Important

Soy sauce

Gives your marinade a salty flavour.

Lemon juice

Adds a bit of acidity needed to tenderise the meat.

Olive oil

Used to seal in the juiciness of the meat.

Worcestershire sauce

Gives a unique umami flavour to your steak.


Very important for keeping your steak soft and tender.

Italian seasoning

A flavourful combination of natural Italian herbs for better taste.

Salt and Pepper 

Gives saltiness and spice as required.

Red pepper

Gives a bit of spice.

Minced garlic

Gives a refreshing unique garlic taste.

Chopped Parsley

Used for garnishing the steak with a pop of colour.

Steak meat

Rib eye meat.

The final mixture of these ingredients makes a perfect blend that gives a heavenly sweet smell. The final marinade aroma should smell like the steak minus the meat. Incredible and just ready to add your steak meat. 

Best Steak Marinade Recipe to Enjoy At Home 

With the mouth watering steak marinade recipe, you can cook the best medium-cooked steak. Just make sure to pay close attention to making the right spice blend.

  • Take a small bowl.
  • Add soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, and olive oil.
  • Whisk the liquids together.
  • Now add the Italian seasoning and other dry spices including salt, pepper, and a pinch of red pepper.
  • Give it a whirl.
  • Throw in 1 or 2 cloves of minced garlic and swirl the mixture.
steak marinade for grilling

After creating the steak marinade blend, take a large bowl. Add your steak meat and pour in the spice marinade. Mix it well and let it marinate for 2 hours or you can also leave it overnight.

Tips For Cooking Steak In A Skillet

The blend makes the perfect steak marinade for grilling your meat to tenderness. But you can also use a skillet to cook your steaks at home. It gives the medium-cooked meat steak a lush golden brown colour with perfectly crispy edges. You get to enjoy restaurant-style steaks at home!

steak marinade for grilling

Step 1: Choose a Cast-Iron Skillet

Cast-iron skillets are the best kind of skillets used for making steak at home. It can evenly distribute the heating temperatures across the meat and cooks your steak perfectly to medium.

Step 2: Heat The Skillet

Find the largest burner on your stove and turn it on. Heat the cast iron skillet on medium-high before placing your meat inside. This way, your skillet will be perfectly ready to give your steak that good crusty sear. Make sure to oil your pan and wait till it reaches the shimmering smoking point.

mouth watering steak marinade recipes

Step 3: Dab the Steak

Using a paper towel or butter paper, gently dab your meat steaks to make them dry. Don't press it too hard or you will take the marinade blend off of the meat. Just gently place the paper over the meat to dry. Dried meat gets a proper sear needed for creating an incredibly flavourful crust. Moist meat doesn't sear but produces steam and you will not get the outside crisps.

best steak marinade recipes

Step 4: Cook The Steak To Medium Pink

Now that you are ready to cook your steak marinade, turn the skillet entirety to high heat. Slowly but effectively add the steaks into the skillet. Let it sear for about 3 minutes and turn it around to cook the other side.

Keep flipping each side of the steak for 3-5 minutes till it gets medium-cooked, a slight pink colour from the inside. After getting a golden brown colour, quickly reduce the heat to medium-high to avoid charring.

best steak marinade recipes

Step 5: Add Some Butter

Use the butter to give your steak a final hot searing session before you take it out of the pan. Add butter to your pan and flip your steak to shower it with the sweet buttery taste and smell. Don't do this at high heat or else your butter will burn and vanish instantly.

Step 6: Let It Rest

best steak marinade recipes

At medium or low heat, let your steak cook. This makes it soft on the insides and after you take your steak out, let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. This helps to seal in the juiciness while redistributing the taste evenly throughout the steak. This intensifies the flavors of your steak giving it a uniform flavor overall on your plate. 

Your sizzling mouth watering steak is ready. Top it off with some butter and fresh parsley and serve it with mashed potatoes to increase the flavors.

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